1. We, the owners, give permission for matted hair to be shaved off in order to avoid suffering.

  2. A dog’s safety and the safety of our crew are of the utmost priority at Snoffypaw. We have the right to refuse service to a dog if we believe their conduct constitutes a risk to themselves or our team.

  3. The dog is in good physical and mental health. (Grooming of ill or elderly pets is fully at the owner’s risk. Grooming may reveal underlying skin or health issues for which we cannot be held accountable.)

  4. The dog has been vaccinated and is up to date. Unvaccinated dogs endanger themselves and others.

  5. SnoffyPaw is a network that connects pet groomers and owners. SnoffyPaw shall not be held accountable or liable for any mishaps that occur. Groomers are informed that any damage caused must be dealt with immediately by the owner.

  6. It must be fully recognized and acknowledged that while your dog(s) receive full care, they are adopted at the owner’s risk. Our primary concern is for your dog’s wellbeing, thus in the case of damage or illness, a vet may be brought in, and unless it can clearly be proven that we are accountable, all charges in connection with and in carrying out this instruction shall be at the owner’s expense. (We recommend purchasing dog insurance.)

  7. As the buyer, I consent that my dog’s image be photographed and used on the underdog website/social media and for any marketing objectives.

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